Prospective Clients

Find the Right Fit for Your Needs

The decision to hire a new CPA is challenging and personal. The CPA-Client relationship is a long-term commitment and requires a significant amount of trust. You trust your CPA to satisfy your reporting obligations, communicate clearly, and save you the maximum amount of time and money possible.

Our professionals can help ascertain if our services are the right fit for your individual and organizational needs. We suggest all prospective clients complete a Request for Proposal to the best of their ability to aid in this determination.

In the interest of transparency and clear communication, here are a few answers to commonly asked questions from our prospective clients:

Which Industries and Individual Profiles Are You Especially Qualified To Work With?

Blair, Bohle & Whitsitt service teams work with eight primary client categories: middle market businesses, small businesses, nonprofits, governments, family offices, estates and trusts, individuals, and employee benefit plans. Each aforementioned link offers specific industry capabilities or client profiles for each category.

Blair, Bohlé & Whitsitt works with clients throughout the United States and utilizes online communication and a secure, paperless work environment. However, most clients are headquartered in the Greater Charlotte metro area. Professionals generally do not travel outside the Southeastern U.S. to conduct business.

Do You Provide Payroll, Bookkeeping, And Other Accounting Services?

Blair, Bohlé & Whitsitt focuses exclusively on the tax and assurance services detailed in the What We Doportion of this site. However, we assist small business clients with the selection of qualified bookkeepers and payroll professionals to handle day-to-day accounting, financial, and HR-related tasks. Our professionals can also assist growing businesses with the selection of a Controller or CFO to manage more complex financial duties.

Start-ups and small businesses not financially positioned to outsource these activities are often better suited for a CPA firm offering a more generalized menu of small business accounting services.

How Do You Charge?

We have a customized approach to client needs and preferences and will only charge for the services you require. For this reason, all services are rendered based on hourly rates, according to the level of professional providing service.

Our formal proposals provide annual fee estimates, based on anticipated hours required, to give you a more clear picture of your CPA investment. Fee minimums for standard individual returns are approximately $800, for business returns, minimum fees are approximately $1,500.

Will It Cost Me Every Time I Contact You?

Blair, Bohlé & Whitsitt professionals understand clients will have questions throughout the year which require their input. To encourage clients to contact us when these questions arise, there is generally no charge for conversations with your service team lasting less than 15 minutes. If follow-up research is required or other special circumstances occur that require additional time, you will be notified in advance of charges you may incur.

Our hourly rates and estimated fees also include routine administrative support, telephone, copies, fax, postage, etc. We do not normally charge additionally for these items.

When Should I Expect To Meet With You?

Our firm works with a broad base of clients requiring different meeting frequencies. Your needs will dictate how often these meetings will occur. Most tax and audit clients are provided with a proposed Client Service Plan to set expectations for when and how often meetings will occur.

Do You Outsource Any Services Overseas?

No. All tax and assurance services are rendered out of our primary office, headquartered near the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC.

How Do I Get the Process Started?

You have several options to begin working with our professionals. Our online Request for Proposal form is the fastest and most direct way to communicate your needs. Our professionals will personally follow up with you to answer additional questions and discuss next steps. You may also contact us directly by phone or email if you prefer to consult with a qualified CPA prior to requesting a proposal.

I'm Not Quite Ready for a New CPA - What Should I Do Now?

Individuals and organizations will constantly encounter new compliance and financial reporting challenges. We encourage anyone seeking a second opinion or in need of an objective third party to contact us with questions. You may also enter your email address below to receive invitations to meet our professionals in a relaxed, social setting and gain additional educational insights throughout the year.

Our social media pages are another great way to stay in touch and gain valuable updates on tax legislation changes and financial reporting requirements. We are currently sharing tax deadlines, news, and best practices on Facebook, LinkedIn , and Twitter.