Tax and Audit Services to Support the Greater Good

The nonprofit industry faces a litany of challenges to maximize the use of limited resources under tremendous public scrutiny. Our advisors help tax-exempt organizations enhance their financial reporting, timely comply with filing obligations, and provide the most accurate information possible to board members and the general public.

Nonprofit Experience

  • Arts and Culture
  • Educational Associations
  • Humanitarian Aid and Relief
  • Owner and Membership Associations
  • Private Foundations
  • Private Schools
  • Religious Institutions
  • Supporting Organizations

Questions We Answer

Tax Planning and Advisory Services

  • How do I apply for tax-exempt status with the federal government?
  • How do I become licensed to solicit charitable donations in NC?
  • How do I bring in external help for accounting, payroll, and other financial duties?

Tax Preparation Services

  • What are my tax filing requirements and how to I avoid any late fees?
  • How do I make sure my accounting methods comply with tax requirements?

Audit, Review & Compilation Services

  • How do I comply with audit requirements for my nonprofit organization?
  • How do I ensure my Board of Directors, donors, and other key stakeholders have accurate financial information?
  • How do I prepare for upcoming financial regulations and increased scrutiny?

Other Assurance Services

  • How do I implement a major change in accounting methods and/or software?