Assuring the Integrity of State and Local Finances

Financial statement audits are essential to the survival of governmental and other federally-funded organizations. Blair, Bohlé & Whitsitt possesses a thorough understanding of governmental reporting to assure legislators, officials, and the general public your programs are achieving their objectives and resources are used efficiently. The Firm is a registered member of the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center, is Yellow Book qualified for audits of federally funded organizations, and has helped clients obtain the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for multiple years.

Unique Consistency of Service

BB&W strongly believes in extensive partner involvement on governmental audit engagements. Their top-down service approach makes for a more efficient audit process, providing you with a highly invested, highly qualified professional from start to finish. Partners are complemented by an audit staff with a history of low turnover to avoid interruptions and provide you with maximum consistency of service.

Government Experience

  • State Governments
  • County Governments
  • Municipal and Town Governments
  • Public Service Districts
  • County School Boards
  • Water and Sewer Authorities
  • Volunteer Fire Districts
  • Local Airports
  • Native American Organizations

Questions We Answer

Audit, Review & Compilation Services

  • How do I comply with government audit requirements?
  • How do I comply with Single Audit requirements for federally-funded organizations?
  • How do I communicate accurate financial information to my Board of Directors?
  • How do I prepare for upcoming audit requirements?
  • How do I minimize time spent executing my annual audit?

Other Assurance Services

  • How do I implement a major change in accounting methods and/or software?
  • How do I qualify for the GFOA Certificate of Excellence?